GMK 9009 R3





1111 sold

This kit supports all the most popular custom keyboard layouts, from standard TKLs to 65%, WKL bottom rows, HHKBs and more.


509 sold

This kit is made for those of you who want to add a splash of colour to your boards, wether that is with coloured spacebars or with an indicator LED under your lock keys.


210 sold

This kit features R4 icon modifiers for all of the bottom row, escape and 1.75 control while also adding a more modern interpretation of the tab key and caps lock.


242 sold

The number kits adds support for boards including a numpad, like a full-size 104 or 1800.


163 sold

The obscure kit adds support for a wide variety of 40% keyboards, including ortholinear ones. Included are the necessary modifiers, but also spacebars. This kit also includes a second b key for split keyboards.


182 sold

The addition kit adds keys for a OSX focussed bottom row, 60%s with arrows through the 2u shift, 660 layouts with the extra 2.25u shift, basic ISO support and some options for different legends in the 65% and caps lock area.


34 sold

This kit adds compatibility for ISO NO, SE, FL, DK, DE layouts.


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