GMK 9009 R3





This kit supports all the most popular custom keyboard layouts, from standard TKLs to 65%, WKL bottom rows, HHKBs and more.


This kit is made for those of you who want to add a splash of colour to your boards, wether that is with coloured spacebars or with an indicator LED under your lock keys.


Want to add a modern look to your set? Or maybe you’re just a fan of the uniform look having only icons on modifiers gives you? Then this kit is for you! It features icon modifiers for all of the bottom row, escape and 1.75 control while also adding a more modern interpretation of the tab key and caps lock.



The number kits adds support for boards including a numpad, like a full-size 104 or 1800.


The obscure kit adds support for a wide variety of 40% keyboards, including ortholinear ones. Included are the necessary modifiers, but also spacebars. This kit also includes a second b key for split keyboards.


The addition kit adds keys for a OSX focussed bottom row, 60%s with arrows through the 2u shift, 660 layouts with the extra 2.25u shift, basic ISO support and some options for different legends in the 65% and caps lock area.

 Render gallery

 General icons

Dixie and I have been working on cleaning up the mod legends for GMK for a long time now. Cherry legends have some weird inconsistent alignments, if you use icon mods with bottom row text mods like R2 9009 you will notice that the Tab, Enter, Backspace and bottom row legends are left-centred aligned. However, the Shift and Caps Lock legends are top-left aligned. Same outcome if you use all icon mods, like in GMK Modern Dolch. This is especially annoying when you use a 1.75u shift with an fn key next to it since one legend will be top-aligned and the other centred.
Because of this, we have decided to make new legends to create a more uniform look among the modifier keys. We also have taken the above changes and applied them to the arrows, to continue to make everything as consistent as possible across your keyboard.

40% Legends


If you compare the Enter arrow on a full-sized enter and the smaller sized Enters, you will notice the smaller keys are a little awkward. The vertical line on the enter icon, goes almost all the way to the top edge of the surface of the cap, unlike its full-sized counterpart. We are going to fix these legends to be more proportional when sized down compared to the full-sized.