Clavier x Ye_Cole




Dharma was designed from the ground up to have a stylish, timeless design. One that blends in with the items already on your desk, but still manages to be the centre-piece of attention. The board features thick bezels proportioned just right to work with the layout and big, curvature continuous corners to give it that organic look. The sides are seamless, only being disrupted by the side profile revealing the bottom piece. This design decision opened the option to play with colour, allowing customers to mix and match bottom and top colours. This way you can truly make your board fit your aesthetic.



When we first started working on Dharma 18 months ago, we designed it to have a thick 4mm integrated plate. We soon discovered that this wasn’t the best way to go, and figured that the organic design on the outside should have a typing experience to match. We decided on using a padded gasket mount approach. This way, the plate is fully isolated from the case making for quieter and more singular typing sound.



We worked together with Xelus to offer you a 1.2mm thin PCB. This makes the PCB less rigid allowing the typing experience to be dictated more by the plate. This results in a more customisable typing experience, with the difference between a polycarb and brass plate being more pronounced than when using a 1.6mm PCB. To add to that, it will also be VIA compatible making customising your keymap a breeze. And by using a USB C daughterboard, the USB cable sits low and paralel to the desk.



Surface finishing

Dharma features a matte anodised finish. This allows for vivid colour options while also adding a protective finish to your board. The specific colours were picked to match some of the community's favourite sets, making sure your board has a unified aesthetic.