Compact size, huge possibilities




Dharma was designed with both function and beauty in mind. It offers a very functional layout, while being a lot more compact than a standard full-size keyboard. This allows for more free mouse-room on your desk. The top has beautiful chamfered edges while the side offers a subtle curve showing off the bottom piece, perfect to use as an accent piece!


Dharma will be made out of 2 solid blocks of 6061 aluminium. After being milled into it’s shape by a high precision CNC machine, the parts are bead blasted to create an even surface. Lastly, the pieces will be anodised. This provides a protective layer over the aluminium, while also adding your desired colours.


Instead of using a separate thin plate, Dharma features a 4mm plate integrated right into the top piece. This unibody design makes for a satisfying and solid typing feel like no other, while also producing a more satisfying sound while typing.


Your keyboard should be the centrepiece of your desk, and you should truly make it yours. Dharma offers a plethora of colour options for both the top and bottom piece, allowing it to match your desired keyset perfectly.