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GMK 9009

Manufactured in Germany with original Cherry tooling and using a colourway from a classic trading keyboard, this set became an instant classic. The set broke absolute records selling over 1400 kits total!  For this project we decided to work together with some incredible vendors from the United States, Belgium, Korea, China and Singapore. This helped a lot of people save a lot of money on shipping and definitely contributed to the sets success. 


Kit design

Base kit

727 kits sold

The 9009 Base Kit was designed to offer as much compatibility as possible while still balancing the price. The kit supports layouts from a standard 104 key, to an exotic 1800 and anything in between. Note the front printed legends for the numpad to add to the retro feeling, the 1.5u super keys and the extra ISO compatibility for our European friends. Included are not only the widely used 6.25 and 7u spacebar sizes, but also a 6u size with a centred stem: Topre users rejoice! 

Spacebar kit

459 kits sold

This really is the Cherry on top of 9009. While also adding support for split spacebars and allowing for the shine-haters amongst you to swap out your spacebars once they start to shine, the spacebar kit is mainly designed to add some extra vibrancy to your beloved board. Includes support for 2.25u and 2.75u R4 keys and centre stemmed 6u, 6.25u and 7u spacebars.

Add-on kit

302 kits sold

Do you want to crank up the vintage level of you board even further with some windowed caps? Or do you want to add a more modern splash with the Windows 10 icon keys? Than this add-on kit is for you! It includes the aforementioned Windows 10 icon modifiers and additional windowed keys allowing for LED shine through but also alternative caps lock keys.  Nothing is more retro than this!





01/09/17: Interest Check is launched

The interest check for GMK 9009 is launched on GeekHack and Reddit with huge success. Receiving both a lot of feedback and support this was the building block for the success this set was.

01/10/17: Group-buy is launched

After listening to feedback and changing the kit design up a bit the GB is launched across 5 different vendors.  

02/10/17: MOQ is reached

Within 24 hours 9009 hit it's Minimum Order Quantity of 150 base kits!

15/02/17: Buy period is extended

Because of the huge demand the buy period is further expanded for a couple days.

22/02/17: Buy period is ended

The buy is closed and the internal progress for transferring funds between the 5 vendors is started.

30/01/18: EU sets are arriving

Slowly but surely the EU orders are starting to get fulfilled, before the given deadline!

09/02/18: US sets arrive at Dixiemech HQ

After making their trip across the see, the US sets arrive at the vendor. 3 pallets full of German keycap goodness! 

11/02/18: All US sets are shipped out

Breaking absolute records and all expectations, all 800+ US kits are shipped out in 2 days without any errors!

01/03/18: Final update

All sets have been fulfilled! There were a couple issues on the road, but gladly none were on our side and all of them were resolved by GMK quickly!