This is where it all started. Steve Jobs originally designed the M0110 keyboard himself to be sold with the original Macintosh in 1984, which on its own set out to change the world. Jobs famously chose not to use a nav cluster, which many years later inspired Eiiti Wada to design the now legendary Happy Hacking Keyboard. The HHKB not only grew a huge following within the community, it also pushed many enthusiast to create customs boards like the Duck Viper. In short, no keyboard has history like this one. 




Designing the M0110 was not an easy task, the design stems from an era were beauty and elegance still surpassed ease of manufacturing. After hundreds of hours of CAD work, measurements of the original M0110 and debates of design features we are extremely proud of the way the design turned out. 


For M0110 we carefully chose a factory based on quality, reliability and experience. Thousands of dollars in prototypes later, we are confident we found the one. The boards are machined in the US out of solid pieces of 6061 aluminium which are then hand polished and extremely finely bead blasted. 


We proudly present both high quality anodising and Cerakote finishes. Anodising is the smooth finish we have come to love on aluminium in the past years. Cerakote is a different story, it is an extremely high end finish used most on firearms for it incredible durability. This resistant to wear combined with the subtle texture and more color options than anodising makes it perfect to bring a retro touch to your M0110.

Prototype II Gallery



11/11/17: First prototype arrives 

We have gotten in our first prototype. There are definite issues, but all of those can be fixed. John from showed the board of at the NorCal meetup and received a lot of good feedback!

31/01/18: Second prototype arrives

Lots of improvements were made with this prototype! The entire case was polished by hand and bead blasted extremely smooth this time, making the surface finish superb! The design is also almost ready for prime time. However there are a couple of small tweaks still to be made, mainly  tightening the tolerances around the caps a tad more and adding support for USB C. The board was handled quite roughly during shipping which is a problem we absolutely want to avoid. We are currently working on developing custom packaging  for this to protect the case as much as possible during shipping.

06/03/18: Post-CNNY update

We are finally in talks again with the factory after their Chinese New Year break which is great! We're working out the small design and manufacturing changes needed to bring this up to our standards and are also looking into the possibility of getting the custom packaging shipped out to them. This would mean the boards never leave the factory without a nice made-to-fit box around them! We're also looking into finalising our choices of both anodising colours and Cerakote finishes. There were some problems with applying Cerakote to one of our prototypes, which we are looking to fix. The buy period for this is definitely getting closer, but not certain yet since we would like to take our time to work out the last details.

27/03/18: Factory switch

Altho we were very happy with the quality of our previous prototypes, we're currently working on switching to a US based factory. This makes it easier for us to control variables in the machining, makes the QC process a lot smoother and pretty much eliminates shipping damage. Furthermore, we're also working on getting custom packaging made. A brown cardboard box and some bubblewrap won't cut it for this board, so Garrett from Dixiemech came up with some really cool packaging ideas honouring the box of the original board. 

27/03/18: Custom packaging

We're extremely proud to present our custom packaging for M0110. Designed by Garrett Moore from Dixiemech, this packaging further extends M0110's vintage theme by following the aesthetic of the 1984 Macintosh packaging as you can see in the gallery above. Not only will the boxes offer great protection, they will also give you a retro unboxing experience like no other. Furthermore, these will also be 100% US made just like the M0110 itself!